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TV Series


Tower Prep a Cartoon Network teen action drama about a group of student with special powers trapped in a boarding school trying to solve the mystery of the school and escape. 

Andrew Dunbar as Connor Owens

Calum Worthy as Don Finch

Charlie Carrick as Fenton Capwell

Dan Payne as Coach

Drew Van Acker as Ian Archer

Dyana Liu as Suki Sato

Elise Gatien as CJ Ward

Izaak Smith as Cal Rice

Jodi Balfour as Emily Wright

Karin Konoval as Nurse

Kris Carter as Hubert Kovalev

Richard Harmon as Ray Snider

Ryan Bell (III) as Flash McNulty

Ryan Pinkston as Gabe Forrest

Ted Whittall as Headmaster

Terry Chen as Shinji Sato